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Bison Steak House

Bison is a modern steak house restaurant in the heart of Milan. Our menu offers a possibility to enjoy delicious dishes, starting with the freshest fish and salads, and ending with exclusive appetizers on raw ingredients.

Our meat products are of the highest quality, as they are all certified and conform to international standards. An intensive processing allows raising the taste of meat, during which, for 38 days, the methods of dry and moist maturation are involved. As a result our customers can really enjoy the tasting of meat dishes.

We have more than 200 wines, both Italian and foreign producers, in our assortment. Not wanting to be associated with an ordinary Milan restaurant, we set the goal of becoming a prosperous establishment with an international reputation and being always desired for culinary gourmets.



"I love cooking, creating and improvising..."

During the visit to the establishment of hotel services “Amerigo Vespucci” he received the first experience of culinary art, working in such establishments as “Grand Visconti Palace” and restaurant “Vi Piano”. In addition, he passed probation in the restaurant “Il Rosa al Caminetto”, which is situated on Piazza del Duomo (“Cathedral Square”) in Milan. After graduating from school, he worked at the restaurant “Antica Trattoria” in Montluel for 5 years, where he acquired culinary skills of traditional Milanese and Sicilian cuisine.

The last four years he has been the chief of the restaurant “Il Verdi” in Milan. When he is in the kitchen, he likes to experiment, even if the experience teaches that the seriousness and ability to serve an order on time is important in the kitchen.


Bison Steak House is located at:

Via Vincenzo Monti, 26, 20123 Milano

Working hours:

from Monday to Saturday from 12-00 to 15-00 and 19-00 to 00-00

Reserve of tables:

+39 02 94388993

+39 380 862 8171 (WhatsApp)

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